cloudmin lockdown virtualmins ?


i have some virtualmin servers connected to a cloudmin server

amd i want to know, is there any way, i can make root user only able to login though cloudmin and not direct on the virtualmins ?


Well, it’s technically possible to do that… using Webmin, you could restrict root logins to the IP of your Cloudmin server.

However, I’d recommend against that :slight_smile:

If anything happened to your Cloudmin server, it would no longer be possible to login to Virtualmin as root.

If you’d really like to do it though, you could go into Webmin -> Webmin Users -> Root -> Security and limits options, and setup a restriction there.

Again though, be really careful, as it’s really easy to lock yourself out that way :slight_smile:


i will just add our ip, and the other static ips i need to be able to access root user from, so even if cloudmin goes down, i will still have root access to webmin from other places, but it can’t be accessed from places i don’t like it to… so thats nice that it can be done…

thanx for the info.

I will ofcourse do it first on a server, where it doesn’t matter if it goes down, then i can do it on the others after that…
i also still have ssh access, so i can fix it from shell if it does lock up… no harder, than delete webmin and reinstall it :wink:

and i can see, the ips are just added to miniserv.users so its just go in to that, delete root line and restart webmin if i for some reason get me selves locked out.