Cloudmin / LDAP User email in LDAP

I added the Webmin schema to the LDAP servers I am using to authenticate webmin / virtualmin logins, and I am connecting Joomla and other apps to the same LDAP… but I cannot figure out how to add the email address…

Am I supped to add my own attributes to LDAP, install and configure Usermin, or the field for email address is going to be created in LDAP once I configure Usermin or other email server via Webmin / Virtualmin?

I am not yet ready to add mail servers to my main / hosting domain so I am hoping I can record email address in LDAP some other way.

I am also posting under Cloudmin because I am not sure what scope this has in a full Cloudmin / Virtualmin / Webmin stack - I use local Unix authentication for Cloudmin ‘staff’ logins, but for Virtualmin hosts/domains and for Webmin-only servers I want to use LDAP.

Should I install Usermin on each Virtualmin / Webmin hosts? I never used Usermin so I am not sure what it does.