Cloudmin KVM Routed Network


I’ve been bashing my brains out trying to figure this out.

From what I understand guide here:
is about the 3 additional IPs that you get which they also can have their own MAC addresses if you request them.

What about subnets ? (And also the 3 additional IPs if you don’t request MACs) ?

Reading here:
and here

And trying this setup this “hetzner” way,
br0 bridge similar config with eth0, adding IPs in ip addr add xxx dev br0 and so on…

But again with no luck. Can’t ping the IP, can’t ping from the system the out world.

Is there anything I need to do in cloudmin conf or in configs in /kvm/ ?
I saw a shell script in /kvm for each vm and also a tap0 device.

Is it trying to make a bridge connection by default ?
I need anything special for routed network ? Even with hand manually in every
/kvm/*.sh I don’t mind, just trying to get it to work.


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It was easier that I thought.
Everything was OK in host system.

guests needed a route-eth0 in /sysconfig/network-scripts/ with the host IP to work…
Noone mentioned this :confused:

(Except if there is another way but this works too)

Hi Chris,

With “Cloudmin way” described on we loose one of the IP addresses from additional range to use as gateway. What about the “Hetzner way” you managed to get it work - is possible to run guest systems without devoting an IP address from the assigned range for gateway?

have the same issue as yngens,

Created ‘br2’ ok with a new single external IP, but then VM creation reported the IP in use and was unable to create the VM with the new IP.

Cloudmin -> Host Systems -> IP Addresses -> IP addresses in use: reports the new single address as ‘Used by’ = ‘In Use’.

Cloudmin -> Host Systems -> IP Addresses -> IP ranges in use: reports the new single address as ‘Used’ = 0.