Cloudmin KVM on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Bandwidth Monitoring not working properly.

I have been using Cloudmin 7.0 GPL KVM on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS since April and I had an issue with bandwidth monitoring that I was unable to completely resolve. At first the issue was simple: Sometimes bandwidth monitoring didn’t work at all on a newly created KVM instance and no bandwidth data collected in /etc/webmin/server-manager/bandwidth. I worked around it by deleting an instance and creating a new one or by deleting the virtual network card on the instances and re creating it so that it would store data in /etc/webmin/server-manager/bandwidth for a the new KVM instance. After a recent upgrade to Cloudmin 7.2 KVM GPL the issue became much worse and I’m unable to find a work around. some of the Instances seem to store identical bandwidth usage data to multiple files in /etc/webmin/server-manager/bandwidth which should contain unique bandwidth usage data for a specific instance. Also, some of the instances that had no issues with bandwidth usage monitoring have stopped monitoring the bandwidth entirely. If anyone experienced this issue before and has a fix or a work around please help. The screen shots attached illustrate the issue very well. Thanks.