Cloudmin - KVM - Filesystems fails?

Hey guys,

When I try and create a KVM instance I am getting a failure when the disk is created and I am not sure why? I am making a plan for 30 gb of space, I make sure system owner is selected for that plan and I set the resource limit to it as well.

Expanding filesystem to 28 GB … …
… expansion failed : dd if=/dev/zero bs=32768 count=851968 >>/kvm/ failed : 851968+0 records in 851968+0 records out

Please help I have a very important clent who needs this asap.


This was a LVM issue I got it sorted out.

Could You tell me how did You do it? I have the same problem…

Thanks Rafal

Use this link and create a a logical volume, then install on that logical volume make sure you have enough space for the VMs to be stored on. Link ->