Cloudmin - iSCSI

Hello Everyone,

      I came across something else that puzzles me I used the instructions located here and got to the part where I 

install iSCSI Target (Server) with this command -> apt-get install iscsitarget

Then while i was installing the iscsi target it had a warning saying the iscsi target wasn’t
enabled so I went enbled here -> /etc/default/iscsitarget and and made it true.

So with that done … Do I need to look in Webmin/Cloudmin for a module to turn or
something. I installed the iSCSI client and it was recognized right way and put in the
panel. However iSCSI Target/Server was not.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Nevermind, All I had to do was go to the iSCSI Target module and change the paths to
the actual path of iscsi target installation which for everyones information is
/usr/share/webmin/iscsi-target. It was looking in another location. I now have iSCSI
Target and Initiator working.

Thanks in advance,