Cloudmin Install on Amazon EC2

I am trying to install Cloudmin to help in provisioning and maintaining EC2 instances but am not having much luck. I have tried Centos 7 and Ubuntu 14.04

When using Centos 7 and login to the GUI there is a message about Xen not be installed. I have installed all the modules from various guides but still the messages appears.

I tried on Ubuntu and the same message applies except it says something about a bridge interface not found as well as Xen modules.

I would prefer to use Centos 7 but Ubuntu would be fine too.

Can Cloudmin be installed on EC2? Im pretty sure it can as there is a Cloudmin AMI that cost $25 per month plus EC2 fees but if I can install it myself I will be saving $25 per month. I know I need to purchase a paid licence of Cloudmin ot manage EC2 instances btu I cant even get it working.

ANy ideas what is going wrong??