Cloudmin Install Error

Hey guys,

I am trying to install the gpl version of this so I can try it out on my Ubuntu Server 18.04 w/kvm - QEMU emulator version 2.11.1(Debian 1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.9)

This server has 8 cores / 32 gb of ram / 2 tb of storage locally / 8tb remote storage.

Here is what I have done to this point:
1 - sudo wget
2 - chmod +x
3 - ./

and now i am getting the following error:
E: Package ‘kvm’ has no installation candidate
… install failed

Has any of you run in to this?


Maybe you should install from inside the kvm as if it was a real machine. I run stacks of Cloudmin / Virtualmin / Webmin on top Virtualbox. If you try to install a kvm-image inside a kvm box that’s not going to work, so use the script that installs directly onto the machine.

I have the very same problem. Does anyone knows the solution?

I found on Ubuntu 18.04 server a possible fix:
It looks like the install script is trying to install KVM and QEMU with the command ‘apt-get -y install kvm qemu’, on line 170, which is causing the error. The error states ‘kvm’ is not an available package from apt.
I think the package it wants is ‘qemu-kvm’, so if you change line 170 of the script to ‘apt-get -y install qemu-kvm’ it seems to work.

Not sure how to get that change set upstream to the script creators, but this seems to have allows the rest of the script to process correctly.