Cloudmin GPL Download and additional pro questions

I wanted to test out cloudmin before buying pro to see if it will fit the needs we have. Is testing the GPL version suitable for evaluating the pro version to manage KVM machines? If so just an FYI the download link is broken.

Other additional questions:

  1. Does cloudmin provide replication/backups of KVM’s which use shared storage to shared storage?
  2. Does cloudmin have the ability to migrate KVM’s that are using shared storage to other nodes?
  3. Does cloudmin have HA functionality (ie node1 goes down, vms are migrated to node2)



I’ll follow up with Joe regarding the download link… we definitely want that working! And that’s a great place to get started with managing KVM – it’s just limited to managing KVM’s on one server.

I’ll respond to the rest of your questions in a bit!


Hey thanks,
any update on the other questions?


Sorry for the delay!

The Cloudmin GPL link has been updated to point here:

I think this here is what you’re asking for in regards to failover, and moving VM’s to other server’s in case of a failure:

Also, there’s some details here on using replication with shared storage:

Does that sound like what you’re after?


Sounds like what I am looking for, do you have a link that indexes all the cloudmin documentation at all or is that up in the air right now due to the website migration?

nevermind I found it