Cloudmin doesn't see available space to create new guest systems or expand existing ones

Hi All,

I have been successfully using Cloudmin so far on a server with 4 TB volume. Well, from the very beginning the system showed 3.6 TB for some reason (4 pieces of 2 TB hard drives in RAID 10). Currently, ‘df -h’ command shows:

root@vps2:/root# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg_vps2-lv_root 50G 37G 11G 79% / tmpfs 71G 0 71G 0% /dev/shm /dev/sda1 485M 158M 302M 35% /boot /dev/mapper/vg_vps2-lv_home 3.6T 2.6T 817G 77% /home

So I have 817 G of free storage space, however when selecting any guest system and going to Edit Disk page, it shows:

10.20 GB of 49.22 GB free on host system for “Disk file size”, so I can’t create a new guest system or expand existing ones for more than 49.22 GB. The difference between 817 GB and 49.22 GB is huge, so I am afraid something is wrong with my setup, but can’t figure out what exactly is. IS GPL version of Cloudmin somehow limit space? I don’t think so, but then where is my problem is coming from?

I’d appreciate any elaboration on this issue,


I found the source of my problem - for some reason the directory for “Base directory for virtual systems” had been changed back to default /kvm (and I store my guest systems in /home directory). Could the last Cloudmin update cause this?