Cloudmin connect


Just a little question, I’m trying cloudmin connect, but right now it just looks like having a cluster in webmin, not much more. I guess I haven’t tried everything I can, but haven’t found doc for it ^^
(I want to try the Centralize DNS, database, and spam and AV scanning for many Virtualmin servers)

edit: Oh ok, I think I found it, I thought it was in the cloudmin part where you could set which server does what, but it’s in virtualmin, so if I understand properly, if I want 1 server for the db, and 1 server for the dns, I need 2 cloudmin connect.

No, you only ever need one system running Cloudmin (whether Connect or one of the VM capable versions). One Cloudmin instance can manage any number of DNS, DB, and spam servers, for any number of Virtualmin systems.

The docs for the Cloudmin Services features are here:

(In the section labeled “Cloudmin Services”)

I’m working on some videos, right now, as well, to help make some of these concepts easier to figure out. The features are super powerful, but, not entirely obvious if you don’t have a lot of familiarity with Cloudmin.

Oh, and to be clear, you will need Webmin on the other systems. Cloudmin uses Webmin RPC to link up to them for setting up DNS zones and databases. It might also need Virtualmin for anti-spam host systems (but GPL should work for that, if it does need Virtualmin…I haven’t actually spent much time with the spam filtering, yet, so I dunno what it’s requirements are). But, Webmin is all you need for DNS and DB hosts.