Cloudmin able to install scripts on VPS?

Is there an ability like on Virtualmin to Install Scripts into a Virtual Server, but using Cloudmin, into a VPS instance? “Gimme a VPS with CMS, CRM, and PHPMyAdmin”

If not, how would this be managed? Now, it’s Virtualmin and a Server Template, but that’s creating Virtualmin VS, not VPSes.



Well, Cloudmin is about getting an OS up and running in a VPS.

Virtualmin is about setting up domains, and applications running within those domains.

So the idea of setting up an application such as phpMyAdmin, or a CMS like Drupal or Joomla – those would all run as part of a website, after setting up a domain for that website – all of which falls into the jurisdiction of Virtualmin.

I understand what you’re after, but I’m not sure there’s a good way to solve that without actually installing Virtualmin, and creating an initial Virtual Server to install those apps into.


Yeah, that’s where I was stuck, too, as you suggested at the end, which seems to be a pretty manual process, not to mention licensing issues, if Virtualmin Pro were used.