Cloudmin 7.9 released

Cloudmin version 7.9 is now available for download from our YUM and APT repositories. Existing users should see a message on the Cloudmin Information page after logging in, prompting to upgrade to the new release.

This update contains the following major features, and a bunch of bugfixes and other minor improvements :

  • Whether or not to start new virtual systems at host boot time can now be controlled on the system creation form, and via a Cloudmin Configuration page option.

  • System statistics for the fraction of disk, RAM and swap space used can now be graphed and alerted on.

  • Backups can now be restored on Cloudmin master systems other than the one they were made on, even if the orginal system image is missing or if the original host is no longer available.

  • New disks can now be created with GPT partition tables, if supported by the parted command.

  • Added support for the iSCSI TGTd server, as seen on CentOS 6+.

  • Fixed several bugs that effect the failover process when virtual system disks are on iSCSI.

As always, please report any bugs via our support tracker.