Cloudmin 6.7 released

Cloudmin version 6.7 is now available for download from our YUM and APT repositories. Existing users should see a message on the Cloudmin Information page after logging in, prompting to upgrade to the new release.

This update contains the following major features, and a bunch of bugfixes and other minor improvements :

  • When creating an image from a system whose disks are accessed via iSCSI, copying of the filesystem is done on the iSCSI server to avoid un-necessary network traffic. This also applies when backing up or restoring a virtual system, unless the backup destination is on the host.
  • Additional command-line parameters for KVM instances can now be set when creating or editing a system.
  • The disk space available on a host system for a new virtual disk or system now takes the directory to be used into account.
  • Moved all background cron jobs (except existing backups) to Webmin’s built-in scheduler, to save memory and reduce the CPU load of launching cron jobs.

As always, please report any bugs via our support tracker.

I just installed Cloudmin 6.9 from yum, and noticed the “New Feature Log” hasn’t been updated since 6.6. What’s new in 6.9?

I’ve just posted the version 6.9 release notes at