Cloudmin 4.6 released

The updated 4.6 version is now available for download in our YUM and APT repositories. Major new features are :

  • Automatic or manual failover of virtual systems from failed hosts can now be configured using the new Failover Groups feature. This allows you to define groups of hosts that share common storage, allowing virtual systems to be re-started on a new host if an old one goes down.
  • When creating a system image from a Xen or KVM instance, the filesystem on the virtual disk is validated first to ensure that a usable image is created.
  • Status changes for managed systems are now recorded, and can be viewed on the Edit System page in the Status change history section. They can also be displayed using the list-status-history API command.
  • VNC for Xen is now setup to listen on all IP addresses, which avoids problems when the host system’s IP is changed.
  • The Change Password page and passwd-system API command can now be used to add an SSH key to an existing virtual system, and configure Cloudmin to use that key for logins as root.
  • Xen and KVM virtual systems can have their Unix hostname set to something different from their external hostname on the Create System page, and using the create-system API command.

As always, please let us know about any new bugs or missing features in this release!