Cloud Linux and Hive

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone here was using Cloud Linux or Hive to completely isolate account resources for shared web space users? I know that cPanel allows integration with it and wondering why it’s not available here. Maybe virtualmin does a better job at isolating resources that it’s not a necessary feature?



There is no support for this now :slight_smile:

The only resource control you can use in Virtualmin Pro would be changing /etc/security/limits.conf, which affects the size and CPU of a given process launched by each user.

Virtualmin GPL doesn’t offer a GUI for that, though you could certainly manually edit that file.

I’ve been reviewing the possibility of using cgroups for resource control, but if we did end up doing that, such an implementation is still a ways out :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:

you solved this manually or found other solutions
and for know the resources (cpu, memory,process,etc) used by custumers which solution you use?

Did something change in the meantime? Does Cloudmin and Virtualmin support Cloud Linux, or will ever? I see Webmin mentioned on their home page but only this one surely doesn’t help a hoster :slight_smile: Ah, and also on Webmin’s official website, so you know about this OS I guess.

It is advocated as an in-place CentOS/Scientific and RHEL replacement, so does adding support present other major problems? Are exactly the (needed) “features” of Cloud Linux blocking development?

Posted this also on their side >

I haven’t looked into it lately, but so long as they provide their own Apache version, it’s not likely to work.

If CloudLinux uses the standard CentOS Apache version, then it may work with Virtualmin.


Topic closed, they don’t intend to jump in and do anything for your panels, so I think we should return the favour, Cloud Linux should be treated the same = ignored. Look here:

@andreychek: any thoughts on this (CentOS) questions ?