Cloning or Exporting OS, file system with Virtualmin configuration

I wonder is it possible to take a copy of an existing VPS Virtualmin system and render its image on a dedicated server? I know in Cloudmin I can copy image of a VPS and render it on a new system. I am trying to do this between VPS and dedicated server. Is it possible at all?


Well, the way we recommend migrating from one system to another is using the following instructions:

It’s not exactly using an image, but that’s a good way to perform a migration!


@yngens: You can’t really compare migration of a system between virtualization hosts, and between virtualization and a real system. Hosts use virtual disk image files, which can be easily copied between them. A real system needs real files though, not virtual ones. :slight_smile:

The closest you can get to what you want to do is booting the target system from e.g. a live CD, partitioning and formatting the HDDs the way you want them, copying the filesystem of your source system over via rsync, and installing a bootloader.

Thanks for the link, it is definitely very useful, but not exactly suitable information for my situation.

Thanks, I understand that the real server needs real OS files and prefer to install fresh OS myself. However, I don’t need to copy websites or OS, I was just thinking that after there is some way to copy Virtualmin configuration. I have excellent Virtualmin/Webmin configuration, that took me long time to polish very well, so instead of manually configuring all the Virtualmin/Webmin from the very beginning, I though there is some kind of method to just copy old one.

Yes sure there’s a way to migrate the Virtualmin configuration: you can include it in a Virtualmin backup. :slight_smile:

I see now. Do I restore that backup on a new machine after I install fresh instance of Virtualmin. Won’t it break the new system? Thanks!


If you generate a backup of the Virtualmin config, that’ll be stored in the file “virtualmin.tar.gz”.

If you restore that file onto a different server that has Virtualmin installed, it’ll restore your previous Virtualmin config, such as the Plans, Server Templates, backup schedules, and so on.

During the restore process, you have the option to choose which parts of the Virtualmin config to restore. You can choose that in Features and Settings -> Virtualmin settings to restore.


Trying to follow, but it keeps giving:

Virtualmin configuration settings No selected Virtualmin settings in backup Select all. | Invert selection. None of the selected features are used by any of the servers in this backup, and thus the restore cannot proceed.

Edit: I’ve figured out how to import Virtualmin Conf - needed to select all Virtualmin settings to restore. Thanks!