Cloned fresh install?

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version Most recent
Virtualmin version Most recent
Related packages N/A

Hello team,

It has come to my attention that I may have installed a “lite” version of Virtualmin, and I am running into some strange complications that I just… can’t.

Is it possible to do a backup & restore, but with a fresh full installation? so not quite a restore I suppose…

I tried searching for a way to do this, of course I found a great of helpful tutorials on fresh installs, backup and restore … but nothing quite like this.

Thank you for your time,

What do you mean by “lite” version?

I was talking with someone in another thread, and it seems like some things were missing in the install. Maybe it was something during the install, I do not know. But, either way - is it possible?

My end goal is to keep configurations, web sites, etc. and do a fresh installation.

You can certainly make backups of everything and restore it onto a new system.

But, I’m still confused by the “lite” version talk; I think, you ought to figure out what you did wrong (if anything) before starting over, just so you don’t repeat the same problems in your new installation. We have a --minimal installation flag, but surely you’d remember choosing a minimal installation (which you shouldn’t do, if you need all the functionality).

What was missing? Were there errors during the installation?

This is an obvious but inherently obscure question.
Asking somone to tell you what is missing is not going to get a clear answer because they have to know what a complete system contains.

Sure there is a minimal option and perhaps that is what is meant but it could even be a confusion between the Pro and GPL versions (something where I think there is more understandable divergence)

Once again we are not helped here by the OP not completing the system information request correctly. -

“Most recent” will make any answer here completely useless to a future/any reader in a search for this subject.

I’m not trying to start a semantics discussion. OP said “some things were missing in the install”. That needs to be narrowed down to something specific, so I have some idea of what kind of problem we’re dealing with.

What was missing that I noticed: The firewall. Fail2ban was not installed or enabled, and I was dealing with a lot of malicious attacks immediately. I installed Fail2ban, and did some reading, learned it’s supposed to be installed by default — so I have no idea why it wasn’t. I did not do a --minimal install, but what I do need to do is ensure the full product is installed correctly, and hopefully be able to move over my configurations & web sites.

Is this possible? is there a guide I could follow?

There is no such guide and there is no need for such a guide because the Virtualmin automated installer does the job of installing all that it is supposed to install and if it is unable to do so, it displays an error.

After installation, there is in Virtualmin System settings a recheck configuration menu item. You could, at any time, check the output of that to see your system is ready to run Virtualmin.

If you are 100% certain that you did not do a minimal install of Virtualmin then it is very strange indeed that your automated install was successful and fail2ban was not installed.

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