clone to almost identical twin

Hi everyone.

I wandered around this forum a while and I could not get my hands on an answer that completely fits my need. And I wish to be fully knowledgeable before starting with my project.

The situation : I have a small VPS running fully updated Ubuntu LTS 14.04 with low resources that is maxed out. I can take a snapshot to restore into another VPS. So I have an identical twin with a different IP address. In order to delete some domains in one and some other in the second server, I can manage. Virtualmin makes it simple enough.

The questions : Is it a good idea to proceed as such? I would like my “heavy” virtualmin customization to follow without a glitch. Apart from the static IP, the hostname at the OS level, what else should I change in virtualmin configuration to get a fully functional server with it’s new IP and hostname?

Any help and pointers will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Sure, you can certainly do that. That should work just fine.

If you didn’t want to do it that way, you could also just generate backups of the domains you wanted to migrate, and then import those backups onto the other server.

Included in that, you could generate a backup of your Virtualmin settings, and restore that as well. That will migrate Virtaulmin specific settings, such as server templates, account plans, and such.