Clone Domain permission error accessing mailboxes


I am using virtualmin Pro with CentOS 6. Recently I clone a virtual server no another domain, everything seemed to go ok, but now I cannot access to the mailboxes that where copied. On the admin console when I try to get to mailbox folder I get this error:

Failed to open /home//homes//Maildir/cur : Permission denied

New mailboxes work fine.

I check the permissions of the folders and files and they are ok.

Is there a way to solve this situation without deleting and recreating all the mailboxes?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best Regards
Hermano Correia

No reply? Must I open this as a bug?


Make sure to see if that account has the needed permissions in webmin.
Does that happen with root too?

Thank you for your reply.

It happens also with root user.

Hermano Correia

Is that an accident with the “/home//homes…”? Or is the path really like that?

That patch seems very odd to me. Could you provide more details about how and what you did?

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