Client Login Information - Please Help

i have virtualmin running at

i created a virtual server, named the DNS for is not yet resolving to my server. new client can login to ftp fine, username “”. But where does client login to admin his virtual server (like his DBs)?

the FAQ did not help.



Your client can browse to the Virtualmin instance that you have setup at to log in and manage their Virtual Server.

Once DNS is working for their domain, they can use “” to access Virtualmin… that URL would redirect to your Virtualmin installation.


thats what i did b4 writing… i tried with the username and was denied. the same login works on FTP


If you log into Virtualmin as root, and go into Edit Virtual Server for your client’s domain, then click “Enabled Features” – is “Webmin Login Enabled” checked?


that does it. thank you andrey!