Client exceeds bandwidth - Email traffic through the roof

I received alerts for two domains hosted on my virtualmin pro (3.72) server. Both clients had exceeded their 4gb traffic limit in 30 days. Strange I thought, impossible.

Over the next few days it steadily climbed further. I have no idea why. All the customers are doing is checking their email, they aren’t really downloading much.

However the common denominator is that both of these customers are the only two (on the server) to use the combination of POP3 and “leave copy of messages on server”. Their email only totals to 24mb and 35mb each.

Does anyone have any idea? Could it be a bug? I know they are both using outlook as their email client too.

Regards Steven

Yeah, that’s a bug in 3.72 – it caused that for a number of folks who had clients using POP to access the server (nice troubleshooting in figuring out it was POP, BTW :slight_smile:

The problem should be fixed in the newly-released 3.73 – give that a shot and see if that helps.