CLI backup to AWS S3

The following bash command fails:

# virtualmin backup-domain --domain \ --dest s3://XXXXX@YYYYY/backups/20150924/ \ --all-features --ignore-errors --strftime --no-incremental --all-virtualmin ...where "XXXXX" is my AWS access key and "YYYYY" the access secret.

virtualmin reports:

Failed to open /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/s3://XXXXX@YYYYY/backups/20150924/ for writing : No such file or directory at ../ line 1397.

Did I miss anything?


virtualmin-base version 1.0-36.1 on Debian GNU/Linux 7.x

My fault - please ignore my question :slight_smile:

Syntax should be:

--dest s3://XXXXX:YYYYY@backups/20150924/

…rather than:

--dest s3://XXXXX@YYYYY/backups/20150924/

Great, I’m glad you got this working!