ClearOS/ ProFTPd/ Virtualmin

Firstly it needs to be said, I am a noob. My first time using linux was about 48 hours ago when I installed ClearOS formerly Clark Connect on a Virtual Machine using VM Player on my spare Win 7 PC. I did so in the hopes of setting up a private web server where I could test out my websites and workout bugs before paying for a host.

So I installed ClearOS 5.2 sp1 which Webmin sees at CentOS 5.4
in Clear OS I enabled the webserver the, ftp server, and MySQL

I installed Webmin via comandline then installed Virtualmin all went well other than running in to a SUEXEC error about the hme directory, you know the one there are a half dozen topics about it. Well I couldn’t figure out what RPM I needed to download from the repo to fix it as non of them are labled Apache-anything (again I am new to this) So instead in virtualmin i went to customize virtualmin/defaults for domains and edited the folders to start in var/www/

I can go to the domain and see the Apache web server default page, I can even log in to the FTP with filezilla, however it doesn’t allow me to actually upload anything it reports back that I do not have permissions.

EDIT: I changed the virtualmin/defaults for domains form var/www/ to var/www/http/ and I CAN upload files now. However the files for example upon creating the virtual server it adds “website user” with a string of sub folders .mozilla, .cgi-bin, ftp, etc when i drop a php file in the public-HTML folder which in my experience has been the site ‘root’ said php file only shows at its code. What I mean is instead of a php file to show me phpinfo… it actually shows me the code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>



Well, you may save yourself a bit of hassle if you were to use the Virtualmin installer – which installs and configures everything for you so that, as much as possible, things will work for you out of the box.

Second, I’m not familiar with ClearOS, but if possible, I’d also suggest working with one of the Grade A supported OS’s that you can see here:

So to summarize, my suggestion would be (if possible):

  1. Start over with one of the Grade A supported distro’s in the above link

  2. Install Virtualmin using the installer available in the Downloads link above

Otherwise, you’d have to perform a manual installation – and a manual install is quite difficult and time consuming to configure :slight_smile:


Alright, hopefully there is a Grade A distro as straightforward as Clear because by tonight I’ll only have 72 hours of experience with Linux.

Which do you suggest?


Well, running a web hosting server can be a lot of work… I’d prepare yourself to do a lot of learning in the upcoming days/weeks/months/years :slight_smile:

However, Virtualmin tries to make the process of managing the server as simple for you as possible!

If you’re interested in using Clear, you can use the manual installation guide here to assist in setting that up:

However, it’s quite a bit of work to perform a manual installation, and I really don’t even recommend that to folks who have been administering Linux systems for years :slight_smile:

The distributions supported by the Virtualmin installer are some of the best supported, highly tested, and most frequently used distributions out there.

Which one you use comes down to personal preference, but I might suggest either CentOS 6 or Ubuntu 10.04.