Clean install can't create virtual hosts


I just installed a clean Webmin installation from the deb package: Webmin_1.600_all.deb
And after that installed webmin-virtual-server_3.94.gpl_all.deb

After installing you have to recheck configuration and configure modules for the virtualmin. I do that and delete Bind9, Webalizer and Mail. When that’s done you should be able to to the guide for setting up mysql password and memory use and stuff. But the only thing that pops up when I click on VirtualMin in the meny is:
No virtual servers have been created yet…

And i can’t do anything.

Is there anything I have to do after installing the webmin package before i go and install the virtualmin package?


Are you by chance dealing with a new server install?

We’d typically recommend using the, which handles all the configuration for you. But we don’t recommend using that if you have any live sites being hosted on your system.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to do a manual installation, you can find instructions for doing that here:

It lists the various packages you’d need to install, along with the tweaks to make to your system.


Yes it’s a clean server installation. I’m trying to set up a server for WebDav.
I have allways before installde Webmin first and the use the Virtualmin as a module. But those versions are older maybe somethings have changed.

I reinstalled without using Webmin installation, just installing the It worked. I will have to learn that user interface instead.

Thanks for the help.