Clarification about Virtualmin

Just for clarification purposes I would like to ask 4 questions.

  1. How many servers can virtualmin gpl host?
  2. How many websites can virtualmin gpl host?
  3. Is it possible to customize the control panel to make it look more branded?
  4. Is virtualmin gpl suitable for a webhosting service?
  5. If yes, what is the required ram and storage to make a web hosting service?

1 and 2 - GPL has no domain/server limits. Pro has more features and Install Scripts, but has domain limits.

  1. Yes.

  2. What kind of question is this? That’s what Virtualmin is for. Pro is better for running a business on, as it has features related to making money (reseller accounts for better delegation, etc.), but GPL is for hosting websites and has the same API as Pro (so you can integrate it with a billing/support system in the same way).

  3. How long is a piece of string? You’re going to need to do your own homework about what you’ll be doing with the system. Virtualmin itself is quite small, but the services it manages can be big or small depending on how heavily it is used. Mail is very (extremely!) demanding, especially if you do virus scanning with ClamAV. Here’s our doc about low-memory systems (it’s somewhat out of date, as ClamAV has grown tremendously since it was written, but mostly still true):

Virtualmin GPL is free and takes only a few minutes to install following our docs. Just install it and see how it works for you.

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Virtualmin is adequate as a stand-alone solution for running a web hosting service. It needs a third party account creation and provisioning system and there are options for that, including WHMCS.

I have Virtualmin running on a CentOS 7 system with 512 MB RAM , single vcpu system with SSD storage and 1 GB swap space on AWS and the experience has been the same as Virtualmin running on relatively more powerful systems.

As Joe pointed out, there are tweaks in the low memory system page of the docs and on this particular system I have disabled Clam AV. @declemz99, spin up a VPS and try out Virtualmin to see got yourself how it performs on your VPS hosting service. Linode is an option and Atlantic is offering a free VPS for a year.

First aof all, thank you for the reply. I still have one more question to ask. Ifwe can customize the control panel, how do we do that? (Meaning: we are able to remove the virtualmin and webmin logo snd replace it by ours, add custom css in to it.)

Adding a logo is easy and in the UI, just poke around you’ll find it. But, you’re on your own for replacing our logo. We like to get some kind of credit for our hundreds of thousands of lines of code that we give away for free. (You can do it, but we don’t feel obligated to make it easy.)

Ok, thank you!

I have bother question. If I were to use virtualmin as my control panel to resell hosting. Will shared hosting be the only hosting I could sell.

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