ClamD Configuration Not Apparent

On my CentOS machine, under "Virtualmin->Email Messages->Spam and Virus Scanning" there is a button to toggle the on/off state of ClamAV. This button is missing on my Fedora Box.

On the Fedora box, I cannot select "Server scanner (clamdscan)" as the Virus scanning program, which fails with the warning message
"The server virus scanner cannot be selected unless the clamd virus scanning server is running"

However, "Re-Check Config" reports "ClamAV is installed and assumed to be running."

Honestly, is there any benefit to running clamdscan over clamscan… I mean, I catch the implication that the "d" means daemon, but, ummm… so what?

I’m not sure what exactly triggers the button appearance…clamd is tricky, and very different on different platforms (though, since our packages are based on Fedora clamav packages, it should be the same on CentOS and Fedora, but it may be version dependent, and we don’t test very much on Fedora, since so few people run it on servers, and it’s not really appropriate for servers due to its short lifecycle).

Anyway, clamscan can take a little while to start up. It depends on the speed of your system, the disk, the version of clamav, and a bunch of other variables. If your system isn’t heavily loaded and isn’t Debian etch (because Debian has an incredibly slow clamav version–taking 15 to 30 minutes to start on a low powered VPS), you can probably leave it with clamscan. If you aren’t seeing performance problems or mail delivery problems, I wouldn’t fret too much.

If clamd is already running, shutting it down might allow the setup button to appear. If not, the standard clamav docs for creating a new service are basically what the button does. There’s a README on your system about it; on my system it is /usr/share/doc/clamav-server-0.95.1/README

We create a service called clamd.virtualmin using those steps and run clamd with a configuration to use that service.