ClamAV update confusion: freshclam and *min disagree?!

For the last day or three, once an hour, my syslog and more get half a dozen log lines, including:

Nov 30 13:00:33 aster2 freshclam[822]: Tue Nov 30 13:00:33 2021 → ^Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
Nov 30 13:00:33 aster2 freshclam[822]: Tue Nov 30 13:00:33 2021 → ^Local version: 0.103.3 Recommended version: 0.103.4

  • It’s true that I am on 0.103.3
  • Nothing in Webmin or Virtualmin seems to think an update is available

I assume there is some kind of disconnect between where freshclam looks, and where apt looks??? Any suggestions most welcome.

Operating system Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.981
Usermin version 1.823
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
Authentic theme version 19.83-2

Virtualmin has nothing to do with it. Virtualmin does report on available package updates from your OS repos (and our repos, but clamav is not in our repos), but we have no control over those packages.

freshclam gets its information from the clam database download server, which pretty much always leads operating system vendors clamav version in their repos. It is annoying as hell that they warn so aggressively about it, because pretty much every server running freshclam is getting these warnings in their logs 100% of the time. A warning that isn’t reasonably actionable is not a useful warning (and it is not actionable in this case…it would be irresponsible to run ad hoc versions of everything in the system in order to stay on the bleeding edge at all times).

In short: Nobody is wrong here (well, I think freshclam is annoying, which is a kind of wrong). Virtualmin tells you what packages are available for install. Freshclam reports on what the clamav database servers say is the current version. You can’t (reasonably/safely) do anything about it. So, you should ignore freshclam.

Boy howdy do I agree with you! I get so frustrated by error log messages that I’m SUPPOSED to ignore!

But that’s life.

Thanks heaps.

you can have fewer checks to have fewer messages. just use :
Checks 4 (eg)
in /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf to have 4 checks per day, not 24… or whatever number you think best.

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(And then service clamav-freshclam restart)

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