ClamAV solution yet?

I read some posts claiming issues with ClamAV with VM. Has this been addressed yet? While ClamAV is on my GPL VM setup my emails don’t get scanned.

I am essentially looking to accomplish this.



I appreciate that Webmin/Virtualmin GPL is free, but I am frustrated by the lack of support. It is extremely difficult to find info on it and to get issues resolved. I suppose I am not used to this. I don’t expect things to be done for me but I just can’t get any info anywhere for some of this stuff.

Is there any other resource for Virtualin or is the userbase just really small?

Are there any other recommendations? Is there a different CP that would suit my needs better? Should I just do an OS reload and go with Plesk/cPanel?

I’m not angry or upset, just frustrated, and actually concerned if there is ever a really serious problem I’ll be stuck.

I am still trying to figure out the ClamAV sissue. No email currently gets scanned for viruses. Any suggestions?

Thanks again.

ClamAV and SpamAssassin are your responsibility to setup in Virtualmin GPL. That’ll change eventually, but for now, you have to configure it yourself–I posted an example of procmail rules for doing that a couple of weeks ago here in the forums.

Virtualmin Professional sets up ClamAV and SpamAssassin out of the box (and, as I said, that will be in Virtualmin GPL at some point in the not distant future, but there’s still some quirks in the clamdscan configuration that I’m working out–clamscan works fine in Virtualmin Professional and has for a couple of years, the problems you were seeing were in regard to clamdscan, as well as some problems with incompatible changes in recent ClamAV packages that made them difficult to roll out to customers with existing older versions).

None of this really has any relevance for Virtualmin GPL, as it has no automatic support for spam or AV.

Forgive me but the search function here limits my ability to find the post you mention. Care to share the url ?


It was actually three weeks ago–I’m losing track of time these days, we’re so busy. Here it is:

Note that this discussion still assumes you know a few things about how mail works. Virtualmin GPL is historically a nerds tool–we’re making it as easy as Professional as fast as possible (while several feature will remain proprietary), but it still assumes you will provide some of your own sweat equity to make things work great. That’s generally the price of Open Source software (though, as I mentioned, we’re making it easier with every release).