ClamAV failing to start

Hi there.
I’ve tried to enable ClamAV Server through VirtualMin but it doesn’t start.

This appears in a log file:

Jun 19 19:24:33 green6119 systemd: Started Clam AntiVirus userspace daemon.
Jun 19 19:24:33 green6119 systemd: Starting Clam AntiVirus userspace daemon…
Jun 19 19:24:33 green6119 clamd: ERROR: Can’t open/parse the config file /etc/clamd.conf
Jun 19 19:24:33 green6119 systemd: clamav-daemon.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Jun 19 19:24:33 green6119 systemd: Unit clamav-daemon.service entered failed state.
Jun 19 19:24:33 green6119 systemd: clamav-daemon.service failed.

SpamAssassin Server has started correctly and I have switched this to server mode, and I wanted to do the same with the Antivirus…

I’m running CentOS 7 on a 64 bit server.



Hmm, are there any additional errors in the email logs?

Also, does the file “/etc/clamd.conf” exist on your system?


Its a bug with Centos 7. Vmin is not able to start ClamAV and you must do it manually with “systemctl start clamd@scan”. After you start it manually you must do the same in Wmin - bootup module if not ClamAV will not start on next server reboot.

Thank you very much.
I’ve started it manually and it seems to have done the trick!

Nuts, I wonder if that issue is related to the missing packages issue described here. Could you take a peek at this bug report, and see if the steps here allow you to start and stop ClamAV from within Virtualmin:

The Diabolico comment is the solution, thanks, don’t forget to enter to Webmin->Bootup and Shutdown->clamd@scan.service and set start on boot to yes.