ClamAV Error when installing Virtualmin on CentOS

Hello there,

Here we have a client who’s been trying to install Virtualmin on CentOS but receiving a ClamAV error during the process. After repeated trials he still doesn’t manage to get it right. Upon digging and reading through a couple of documentation, it seems CentOS is recommended for CPanel though Virtualmin’s site mentions that as well (under the distro recommendation).

I’ve installed Virtualmin on CentOS platform in the past for a couple of our customers and never had a problem with that. But this time the situation is different, neither am I able to get it done.

Can someone please help me with getting it working ? as I’m unsure where things are jacking up.

Look forward to hearing.

Barb from WHUK-Website hosting for Business

The Virtualmin staff will surely have some advice as well, but from my end I can say the following:

First, if you receive errors during installation, it would help us help you if you actually told us WHICH error messages you receive. :smiley:

Second, are you installing Virtualmin through its installer script, or “manually”? The former is highly recommended.


Any Grade A supported OS should work just fine… if not, as Locutus mentioned, let us know what error you’re getting and we can try to get that sorted out.

One thought that comes to mind though is that certain third party repositories include versions of ClamAV that conflict with those included in Virtualmin.

If any third party repos are enabled, I’d suggest disabling those.