ClamAV error No user

I am getting the following error:

Starting Clam AntiVirus Daemon: ERROR: Can’t get information about user clamav.

I have checked users and groups and there is no clamav. How do I do this from the control panel in terms of the right options. Easy enough to create a new group and user for clamav but there are a number of options when creating a user or group such as who belongs to the group and I am uncertain what to do.


I should add that this error occurred after ASL (Atomic Secured Linux) install. Appears that there is an incompatibility between atomics implementation of clamav and Vmins.

Yeah, it sounds like your system is missing the "clamav" user and group.

I’d just make a new user “clamav” whose primary group is also “clamav”.

The users shell should be something like /bin/false.

Thanks Eric for the tip.

Whose rpm do you use for clamav?

On CentOS, I’d use the one included in the Virtualmin RPM repository.