Claims that Vmin is not secure

Hello guys. Today i stumbled on this post:

Thanks, I’ll take a look!


Ah, it actually looks like Joe responded there… he goes by the nick “SwellJoe”.


Oh ok then, because it was pull out as post into another topic on the same forum. Frankly up to now i didnt encounter any security problem with Vmin/Wmin but i wanted you to show that post/topic as WHT is one of the most popular hosting forums, so a lot of people come there.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

And we really do take security seriously. If any issues are reported, they get corrected. Jamie completely revamped the inner-workings of Virtualmin due to the reports that were made by that person.


Sorry only now i notice it was missing the link for second topic where the post was quoted:

Maybe Joe should make a quick check every few days for “virtualmin” and “webmin” for when things like this pop out.