Choose options in install script


I use Virtualmin GPL for months, and thank you for this product.

do you think this could be usefull if we could choice options from install script ?

My servers are LAMP only :
I need only apache, php, mysql, all beautifully installed and managed by virtualmin.

But I would like to tell to the install script that I don’t use :

  • mails servers (only postfix to php out)
  • antivirus/antispam
  • postgre sql
  • and others

If other people are like me (doing only classic webhosting), maybe it would be nice to have a choice in order to install only necessary software.

Since recent virtualmin version, the wizard at first start try to disable unecessary options, this is great ! But don’t install these unecessary software would be very good too :wink:

Have you ever had other similar requests ?
do you think it is possible ?




I have a simular situation. i want to install a web-system and a second system only for mails.
I don’t need a central account management.

The idea is to use virtualmin over remote-api to manage the mail and web-system.

Is there a way to install only the needed components for the systems by using the install script?

Thank you for help

There isn’t a way to select which packages are installed if you use the script.

It pulls down apps that are frequently used by Virtualmin… if you don’t want any of them, you can disable them from starting up and de-select it as a feature in the Features and Plugins section of Virtualmin.

However, if you’re interested in not installing a number of these apps at all, you might consider the manual installation method, and using the Virtualmin WBM module rather than the rpm/apt package.

You can read about the manual installation here: