Checking firewall for FTP

Hey all,
I’ve noticed a bit of sluggishness when it comes to connecting to my server via FTP. I’ve searched on the forum and it seems others have had this problem too. It was said that it could be the firewall ports and I was wondering how i would check that the necessary ports were open.

It was also said that the hostname lookups could be the cause but

host my.ip.add.ress

returns a valid and accurate hostname (as far as i can tell).

All the posts i found didn’t seem to have an answer. So fingers crossed i’ll get one! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced

Does DNS on the server itself work correctly?

If you log into that server, and type something like:


Is it able to do a lookup of a remote hostname like that?

Also, are you seeing any errors listed in /var/log/syslog?