Checkboxes not working?

After the latest updates, I can’t select multiple systems, and other stuff in Cloudmin pro, the “Select all” button doesn’t do stuff. @Ilia maybe you can take a look?

Relevant info:
Operating system CentOS Linux 7.8.2003
Webmin version 1.953
Cloudmin version 9.5 Pro
Authentic theme version 19.53


Thanks for heads up.

I am not sure I can reproduce it?

When I click select all button it seems just work fine?

It doesn’t work for me, since the last update, in Chromium or Firefox latest versions everything for that matter, just tested in both.

BTW, just logged in a Virtualmin machine, there I can select all the domains for example. In the Cloudmin master I can’t select the physical nor the the virtual machines…

Just noticed: in Chromium the page is comfortably wider than in Firefox (wher is like 80% or something), a clear discrepancy for the <div class="panel-heading"> tag?

There is a configurable option on theme configuration page to enable/disable content page offset.

About the issue in Cloudmin - could you post a screenshot of a page where it doesn’t work for you? Does it work for you, if you switch to old Virtualmin framed theme? :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the width - set to “No” and now it the same full width in both browsers, thanks. It destroyed my gunmetal theme though, happens every time :slight_smile: because of this Gun metal color palette?

I can’t provide a screenshot as I don’t want to advertise my hostnames, IPs and such, but it is pretty clear: the Cloudmin menu entry “List Managed Systems” that leads to the page Cloudmin Managed Systems. It’s exactly the one that you snapshoted. Even updated my theme, no luck.

Okay, do you get any errors in the console when trying to select servers? If you switch to old Virtualmin Framed Theme does it still fail?

You can install it by running:

yum install wbt-virtual-server-theme

No, it doesn’t work with framed theme either. Another thingy: if I click on one of my systems, only one of them though, and then on the left “Open Webmin” I get kinda a danger bootstrap panel with " 404
File not found". This is new too. What can I do about it?

That looks like it’s still got some cached Authentic stuff. Old themes don’t use Bootstrap.

You’ll need to force a reload in your browser. Ctrl-Reload on Windows/Linux, and Shift-Command-R on Mac, I think.

Wasn’t clear enough - the 404 happens in Authentic, not in Framed. I mean the styling.
Both are happening in all browsers, with no caches.

Can anyone else confirm this - recently updated everything, now on Webmin version 1.954 and I still have this problem?

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