Changing virtual server mail user usernames from user.domain to user

I wanted to know if, it is possible to change virtual server mail user, usernames from “user.domain” to just “user”, without the dot and domain name?


Yes, as long as there isn’t an overlap across domains. Usernames have to be unique (so, if I had domain1.tld and domain2.tld and a joe user existed in both, at least one of them would have to include the domain and Virtualmin will force that).

Set it in Virtualmin Configuration->Defaults for new domains->Include domain name in usernames? (You want “Only to avoid a clash”)

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I have only one domain and no plans to add more so no overlap… Your solution should work, but will this work for already existing domains?


No. It won’t alter existing users. You’ll either need to delete and re-create them (note that it’ll delete user data, including mail), or change the names manually.

In that case, how can i do it manually?