Changing user password from admin page breaks login

A new user can log in to the system with password created in virtualmin. However changing the password form within virtualmin mail and ftp users breaks the ability for the user to log in to the system. I have to log into the command line and use that passwd program to set the password then the user can log in again. When i inspect /etc/shadow i see the hash but it does not work.
How do I fix this problem? Thanks.


I went to the Webmin section under system users and groups and i tried to change the password there. I selected the user, then selected normal password and entered the password but no luck. Then I went to “Change Passwords” under the webmin section. Selected the user and this works the user can log in. So why is it that when I go to virtualmin “Mail and FTP users” and change the passwords there the user cannot log in? Or if i go to webmin/System “users and groups” the unix user cannot log in? Thanks.

I figured this out on my own. The problem was that the “Users and Groups” module in module config/“new user options” under “Password encryption method” it was set to determine automatically. I manually set it to MD5 and now changing passwords from with Virtualmin “Mail and FTP users” does not break user logins anymore. This is on a Debian Etch system.

Hrm, that’s odd! But I’m glad you got it working!

You don’t by chance see any errors relating to all that in your Webmin log, do you? That’d be in /var/webmin/miniserv.error.


Checked the logs as requested but nothing related to this issue just the standard bad request errors.