Changing url


Great program. I am enjoying it a lot. I have one question. I searched around and did not find an answer yet.

How does someone go about changing https:default:10000 to https//whatever:10000 for virtualmin and usermin(20000)?

I can’t find any settings in the platform besides changing the ports it listen’s to.



You should actually already be able to access it using any domain name that resolves to your server.

Now, the SSL certificate on Webmin there may still be associated with the original domain, so you can go into Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption, and generate a new SSL certificate.

I guess you’re asking about the url that Webmin gives when you get an error (like attempting to connect using http when Webmin is using https). If so, that comes from the hostname of your system. You’ll want to configure that correctly, regardless of Webmin, because it’s really hard to get mail and DNS configuration correct if you don’t have a sane fully qualified domain name configured correctly for your system.

You can force Webmin to use a specific address other than the hostname, but I don’t recall where…somewhere in Webmin Configuration. I would suggest you just get your system hostname configured so it resolves correctly. :wink:

Wow, that was quick, thks

Came back to say that: I forgot to mention that i am connecting via an outside pc and i am not directly on the server itself. The Ssl configuration is probably what i am looking for. Everything is up and running nicely at the moment. I am extremely pleased with all of this.I just want to change the name https:whatever:10000(actually it is setup as https:debian:10000) to something else to match the domains name i will use primarily.

Many thks again,