Changing the log file directory


Is it possible in usermin to select the name and directory of the logfile? Same thing for webmin.


What log are you talking about?

The miniserv.log and miniserv.err files. I would like them to stand into the /var/log instead of their own directory.

There are options for this in miniserv.conf, though I don’t see where they’re set in Webmin. The relevant options are:


It’s probably also in the GUI somewhere, but maybe not…it’s something I’ve never needed to do in 8+ years of using Webmin, and having a hard time imagining why you’d need to do it. :wink:

Just because I find it more convenient to have all logs at the same place instead of trying to remember where is the log file of one particular software ^^

Good enough. Have at it. :wink: