changing static ip

I am switching service providers and so I will be getting a new static ip address for by machine.

I am a little concerned about switching things over so I was hoping for some insight as to making things less troublesome. I did not setup virtualmin myself so I did not do the intitial configurations.

A few things first.

  • i do not use the firewall on linux rather I have everything setup through the router so I assume I will not have to worry about firewall settings

  • DNS - do I have to go in and manually edit the DNS records for all my hosted domains. Or is there an easy way to change them all so they refer to the new ip?

  • only configuration setting showing my existing statip ip address I found so far was in Virtual Min-Configuration-Server settings - "Default IP address for DNS records" and this is set to my static ip. I guess I would change this. I am not sure if this changes existing existing DNS records or is used for new virtual servers.

Any other places I need to make changes for new IP address?

I assume once I change nameserver info attached to domains It will be a waiting game for new ip address to propogate and for sites to come live again.



Is your machine on a static IP, or is the static IP on the router and your router forward requests to your server?

Essentially, the only things you need to do are:

  1. Change your static IP, be it on your router, or on the server

  2. Changing that does not affect existing DNS/Virtual Host settings. To change that, you can go into Addresses and Networking -> Change IP Addresses. From there, you can enter the old and new IP address, and it’ll change all the configuration files for you.

My router is on a static IP and it forwards requests to the server. This part I can set up ok.

When I go into the changing Ip addresses as you have mentioned, the IP address in there right now is for my machine itself…ie. and not my static ip address. I have the option to update all virtual hosts as well.

My concern is the DNS zones. If I go to Webmin->bind and look at the records files for a given site, it has my existing static IP address listed for all the records…ie. http, ftp, mail ,etc. How do I update these to the new static IP address I have been given?

Well, you may want to setup a test system first and do a practice run to make sure this works as expected.

However, I think you can simply overwrite the internal address ( with the external one in that field, and it should do what you want.

And then, you can run that against all the Virtual Servers and you should be in good shape!

Putting your external/static IP in the "Change Address" form should cause all your DNS Zones, Apache Virtual Hosts, FTP, Mail, etc records to be updated.

But I recommend finding a way to test it first so that you can be certain it works the way you expect :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve done in the past is setup an image using the free Vmware Server, and copy over your Virtualmin settings. At that point, you can test anything you like.