Changing passwords of svn users

I´ve installed “Virtualmin” with “Virtualmin Subversion”. It works great. The problem is that when a user tries to change his password from webmin, all password are changed except on the “Virtualmin Subversion”. I tried to find the solution to this on this forum and on google but i coulnt find anything. The only way of changing the password is by ssh with the htpasswd command? I would like that the password of this users also change with the webmin password. Are there any hack or configuration for this?
Thanks in advance.


Hrm, I don’t see any alternative ways of changing it if the Change Password option in Virtualmin isn’t updating the SVN password.

I might recommend filing a bug report using the Support link above, and Jamie can take a look at that :slight_smile:



Hi Eric,

Ok. I will. Anyway if anyone could give me a clue of what is the problem or at least where can i look for it. Could it be in /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-svn/ ?

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