Changing password from Cloudmin, password cut?


I have Cloudmin Pro with a few Xen instances
When I change password of any VM from Cloudmin the password is always cut.

for example, if I try to set a new password ‘helloworld12345’ via cloudmin then I able to login as root with ‘hellowor’, ‘helloworl’,‘helloworld2’ and so on.

encrypted pwd looks like ‘16s2qBt1QmDOs’

and when I change it from shell it works fine and pwd looks like ‘$6$zngBrDlg$VTmXnggJng6NYkyocEudRU9AOksYrF8hzpncJLEfcmF5YOZ128n9bu/BWMydPBis0sGzbS82GBsAQVaSOyxvl.’

Why Cloudmin cuts password? or why is this happening?