Changing IP everywhere

I just moved my server to a completely different place.

How do I update the IP so it changes every setting to the new IP?

I assume you mean the default IP setting.

goto WEBMIN/NETWORKING/HOSTAMES and change the IP of the hostname first. THen NETWORK INTERFACES and change the IP and gateway for the primary network interface in the interfaces activated at boot time then click SAVE AND APPLY

Don’t forget to add your ISPs DNS servers to the DNS client.

otherwise you can run the NETWORKCONFIG script from root :wink:

I want it to also change every virtual server as well

Glad you forced me through this excersise. I’m going to be physically moving two racks to another city in a month.

Goto virtualmin under system settings, click change IP address put in the new ip address (if you have any private ips deselect that server) and save. THat will change all the IPs network wide, then change the host IP. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my dedicated server guy did it manually so Webmin thinks everything is kosher when it’s not.

Maybe cascading or inheriting values that can be configured in one place might be an idea.

In any case, everywhere in Virtualmin the IP is not in a form element. Only in the Apache module.