Changing hostname without breaking Postfix

I’ve got a virtualmin instance which used to be called “test.domain”. I’ve now setup a new one to replace that instance, and the original one is going to be changed to “clients.domain”. The domains already on it are going to stay where they are.

When I change the hostname under the webmin Network Configuration, any other domains under that first setup no longer work. There is a mail loop, I get an error which includes :

mail for clients.domain loops back to myself.

Is there something else I need to do with postfix to accept that the test.domain has moved elsewhere and new.domain is now itself?


Hi Nick,

Yeah, if you change the hostname, you’ll want to tweak the Postfix config as well. Open up /etc/postfix/, and on the mydestination line, change your old hostname to your new one.

Also, just to be sure, make sure that in /etc/hosts, it references your new hostname and not your old one.