Changing from single site setup to multiple site setup with Virtualmin


I have a server where I initially setup a single site in var/www/html/

I now have the need to change this to a multiple site setup and have installed Virtualmin, which I have some experience with on other servers, to help with the multiple hosts setup.

My question is this - If I setup a new host with Virtualmin in the home directory is it simply a case of copying the current contents of the site that is in the var/www/html/ directory into the newly created host?

The site in question has a Wordpress blog and a Magento shop too…

Thanks for any help you can offer



Well, changing the path of a WordPress installation can be a bit tricky… WordPress has instructions on how to do that here:

I suspect Magento would have similar instructions.



Thanks for the reply but I don’t think I have explained myself properly.

I have a VPS with one site only hosted in the root of the var/www/root/ directory.

My concern is that when I setup a new virtual host using virtualmin that this directory will no longer be recognised by Apache as Virtualmin sets its hosts up in the home/ directory. I installed Virtualmin after manually setting up the original site.

I just wondered if all I had to do was simply set up a new virtual host for my existing site and move the files over then add other virtual hosts or is there more to I than that?


Generally, it is possible to host a site from the default Apache path /var/www even with Virtualmin installed.

On the other hand, it is highly discouraged to install Virtualmin on a system that already has an active and working web hosting setup on it. While it is possible, it is a complex process and requires manual tweaking of a lot of things.

It’d be better to take a backup of the sites currently being hosted, then install Virtualmin on a fresh Linux, create the required domains, and put the sites’ data into that.