Changing from Fcgi to FPM: Apache virtual host was not found

**Operating system: Debian
**OS version: 10 (Buster)

Hi there,

I was trying to change one of my websites to PHP-FPM. I could change it in Virtualmin, but when I want to change after it the Php-Version again to 7.4, I’ll get an error from the system:

Failed to save PHP versions : Apache virtual host was not found

I don’t know if I did something wrong, the 7.4-FPM package is actually installed on the system.

Maybe someone knows more about this error?

Thanks a lot

I am hazarding a guess - check if the document root for that virtual server is specified correctly and has not got changed by mistake.

I have same problem. Any solutions?

Unfortunately it’s a bug and we just fixed it. It’s false positive though. Expect it to be fixed with Virtualmin 6.14.

You can apply this change manually by editing /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/ file and restarting Webmin with /etc/webmin/restart command.

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