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Guys, is there a trick to changing a Domain to a server?. I tried changing a domain and keep getting this: Failed to change domain name : The following DNS sub-domains are using this server’s zone file in virtualmin… I was able to change the subdomain but goes to a page not found. Thanks in advance.

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Anybody have information on how to change a domain name?..

You’re trying to change the server’s hostname to a new domain?


Thank you Rich. No, I am trying to change the domain to a particular server, and no to the Host.

I’ve never actually had to do that. But I’d try restarting BIND and trying again.


So, the trouble here is that you have some subservers that share the zone with the parent domain (e.g. sub.example.tld is in the same zone as example.tld that you’re trying to change). That would make sub.example.tld break, and Virtualmin is trying to protect you from that.

You’ll need to move the subs out from that zone, and give them their own zone. (Or convert them to a parent with their own zone or something else that gets them out of the current zone.)

Edit: Oh, reading over this again, maybe I don’t actually understand the state you’re in. I’m not clear on what you mean by “I was able to change the subdomain”.

Well, I thought I had changed the sub, but that also goes to a page not found. I’m going to try your suggestion and move the sub. Or maybe delete it, change the name and reissue the sub under the new domain… if that makes sense. TY

Hi Joe, I was able to change the domain from .net to .legal. I was also able to create a sub with that extension. My issue now is that, when calling the domain with the new extension, the domain forwards to to the old extension and thus showing a Page Not Found. Also, the new extension shows in VM to have SSL installed but, it shows as unsecured. Is there a reason or is there another place I’d need to change domain/extension in as well?.. Thanks in advance.

Never mind. I had to change address in WP as well. TY

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