Changing domain name issues

I googled but couldn’t find a answer to my issue.

I have a server main site and subserver forums on my virtualmin under:

Now I want to rename them to a domain I just purchased:

When trying to change the domain name I can rename the community subserver to .com but not the top site as I get this error:

Failed to change domain name : The following DNS sub-domains are using this server’s zone file :

So what can I do to just rename both for the new domain name everything about the server is the same just the domain name will changed and as such needs to be updated.

Do I have to rename the domains in virtualmin under a new server?
I was hoping there would be a button to click that would change the dns, email, domain name etc.

Changing a server that no subservers work but one with a subserver errors and doesn’t change both.

Trying to move the sub server to another domain turning off DNS and changing the domain still has the issue on the original parent that I still cannot change the domain name.

The sub server moves and changes domain names fine but cannot do it to the main parent.