Changing domain IP in Virtualmin GPL?

I changed the IP of a server with some domains hosted on Virtualmin GPL. How do I go about changing the virtual domains’ IP addresses? When I go to “Configurable settings” the old IP is hardcoded there, without any apparent ability to change it.

New domains get created with the correct IP info, so some portion of Virtualmin has noticed the change (the module config tells it to get the IP from eth0).

I went ahead and hand-changed the Apache IP settings so the sites would work, but I suspect that leaving Virtualmin with a separate understanding of what the IP is will cause future problems.

That’s what the Change IP Address form is for (in the Server Configuration menu). You can also change many servers simultaneously with the Change IP Addresses form in the Addresses and Networking menu.

No no my point was that those two links aren’t there in the GPL version. I see them in my Virtualmin Pro installs, but on 3.50gpl they’re nowhere to be found.

Am I missing a config setting somewhere?

Oh. Hmmm…not sure why changing IP addresses wouldn’t be in GPL! I’ll ask Jamie to chime in here. :wink:

I guess I never ported that feature from the Pro version to GPL. I’ll include that in the next (3.51) release…

i need it immediately, please.
this is very important…